6 Jun 2009
Big Ben in Unnamed Terminator 5
According to Bleeding Cool a location is set for the next installment of Terminator franchise. The movie is going to be a sequel to Terminator Salvation and will be shooting in London in the year 2011, with a time-travelling John Connor (Christian Bale). My dilemma is what to think of the sequel to sequels and prequel to sequels or another installment to installments! At some points it is going to get out of hand and the fans will diminish and eventually disappear. But I guess there is no end to stories and Hollywood can stretch them as much as they want. when you look at a movie franchise like Spider-Man, each installment is about Spidey and a villain and events that happen till the good guy wins. so there is really a predictable finale to these action packed movies. Change the Villains or locations as much as you want still the same story and the same ending, nothing new really.

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