6 Jun 2009
Saw 8 and 9! Are You Kidding?
When is it going to really end? Didn't we disgusted and tortured enough for having Saw franchise around? Bloody-Disgusting spoke exclusively with SAW star Tobin Bell at the E3 convention in Los Angeles. The actor will be lending his familiar voice to Jigsaw for the SAW video game. He confirmed the rumors about Saw 8 which is going to end the series for good. "Final is a relative word. Especially in entertainment." he also added. "You always want to just keep the bar up," adds Bell. "If there’s more good story to tell, it’s good to have more opportunities to tell it." He also mentioned "Six is finished and we're just in the middle of talking about [seven]." So there is no dismissing a Saw 9! and all we can say is that if there is any possibilities out there that they can make disgusting, gross movies, well then the story will continue. God help us all! Share
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