3 Apr 2009
Michael Bay Says 3D Is A Gimmick
Last night in the press room at Showest Final, everyone was waiting around for Michael Bay and to get some questions in about Transformers and The Birds movies. It was skeptical that Bay would even show up, but not only did he show up, he actually gave everyone a fair amount of his time and answered just about every question with pure honesty, and bashed a lot of things... When the guys over at Market Saw (3D fanatics group) asked Michael Bay if Transformers 3 would be shot in 3D, Bay responded with: "I don't know, I'm more of old school...I think it (3D) might be a gimmick." He had more to say about how 3D wouldn't even fit into his style of shooting, but instead of me tell you about it, just take the look at the video below of the entire interview. Share
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