29 Jun 2009
One More Werewolf in London
OK, I am almost getting dizzy and feeling like throwing up when I hear a remake after another! It is like producers sitting at a conference room talking: "No one has a new idea, no one writing anything worthy, lets go to the attic and bring all the old rotten movies back and reboot them!" There is no writer or director yet and I hope they never find one! One less remake makes the world a better place or at least Hollywood would be a better place and gives people with original ideas a chance to shine! That is what's happening to another movie from the 80s, An American Werewolf In London. Yes you heard me, like we didn't have enough vampire and werewolf last year, this year, and next year! Dimension Films acquired the remake rights to An American Werewolf In London from John Landis and like many other remakes they are going to screw it up. Share
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