5 Apr 2009
Christian Bale Joins Mark Wahlbergs Movie Prisoners
Yes, Christian Bale joined up with Mark Wahlberg on his new movie Prisoners. Here is a little how this movie goes: After his (Christian Bale) 6-year-old daughter and her friend are kidnapped, a small-town carpenter butts heads with a young, brash detective (Mark Wahlberg) in charge of the investigation. The father is a Bible-reading, deer-hunting survivalist. The cop, meanwhile, can’t wait to get to the city. Feeling failed by the law, the father captures the man he believes responsible and begins to torture him in a desperate attempt to find out what he did with the girls, whom he’s convinced are still alive. Now that's just the basic setup, of course we aren't going to tell you spoilers, but I will tell you that the mothers in this movie have awesome parts as well, and there is a very supportive cast. This movie is dark, raunchy, and bloody. Disney won't be touching this one. Share
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