14 Jul 2009
Two More Assistants for Dr. Death
Susan Sarandon and John Goodman are joining Al Pacino in Biopic You Don't Know Jack a story of Jack Kevorkian A.K.A Dr. Death who assisted in more than 130 suicides. After willingly sending a videotape of himself euthanizing a terminally ill man to "60 Minutes," he was convicted in 1999 of second-degree murder and spent eight years in prison before getting paroled in 2007. Goodman will play Nicol, a friend and co-worker of Kevorkian and a loyal supporter of the right to die. Sarandon will play Janet Good, an activist with the Hemlock Society who becomes one of Jack's major supporters, working side by side with him to make humane suicide available to the terminally ill and suffering. After she is herself diagnosed with terminal cancer, she avails herself of Kevorkian's services, choosing her own time to die, surrounded by her friends and loved ones. Sarandon and Goodman previously worked together in Speed Racer in 2008. Share
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