6 Apr 2009
Warner Bros. Wants Another Hangover
The movie hasn't even come out yet (that'll happen June 5th), but Warner Bros. is reportedly so happy with director Todd Phillips' The Hangover that they've already made it a double. It's the second sequel ordered before opening day in the past week; Paramount has already started work on a second Star Trek even though it's not set to come out for another month. But a proven franchise like Star Trek and a comedy without any big names like The Hangover are two very different animals. And while studios usually prefer to wait to see how well a film opens before committing to a sequel, early test results and a great response to the movie's trailer out of ShoWest convinced the WB to pull the trigger early. Phillips will be back to produce and direct, and stars Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms have all already been locked up as well. Sounds like someone learned their lesson from Old School...

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