6 Apr 2009
Fox Blogger Fired Over His Wolverine Bootleg Review?
The sad saga that is the Wolverine leak took another strange turn over the weekend when popular Fox News columnist Roger Friedman started an Internet uproar by posting his "review" of the bootlegged (and incomplete) workprint. Yes, the very same illegal copy Fox News' sister company has been trying so hard to seek out and destroy... Though Friedman's review was positive (big deal), both the blogging community and 20th Century Fox are having a fit - the bloggers calling for Friedman's dismissal and, depending on who you talk to, Fox delivering it. But obvious flaunting of journalistic ethics aside, does Friedman really deserve to lose his job over this - especially in this economic climate? Put down your pitchforks for a minute and hear me out: yes, what Friedman did was inexplicably dumb, but don't his editors, who published (and possibly encouraged) his piece, deserve some of the blame as well? The guy is certainly due for a serious reprimand and even a suspension, but before we start calling for Friedman's head, let's put this in perspective - we're talking about a summer movie about a dude with metal claws. Save the righteous indignation for something that actually matters people. What do you think? Does Friedman deserve to be fired for what he did?

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