28 Jul 2009
Rounders Getting Ready for a Sequel
David Levien one of the Rounders writers talked to PokerListings about the possibility of Rounders 2, and how close they are to make it a reality. "We've been concentrating on Rounders 2 lately; Ideas are percolating," Levien told PokerListings. "It's great to know that all of the original players want to come back and do another one." Apparently Leonardo Dicaprio is attached to project somehow and all actors saying they had a good time doing the Rounders so they might wanna come back for the sequel. "We did just set up a project centering on the world of offshore online casinos with Leonardo attached," Levien said. "It's a little ways down the road, but we've started researching." So it doesn't mean that it is going to be a sequel to the rounders in fact another movie about the world of poker and specifically online casinos. Share
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