6 Apr 2009
Christina Ricci And Adam Sandler Doing Porn Together?
Maybe if Black Snake Moan had gotten more awards or even any awards for that matter, Christina Ricci would be on her way to a really good role in a serious movie, but instead she has signed on for a role in the new Adam Sandler movie, called "Born To Be A Star" Co-Written by Adam Sandler, the movie tells a story of a young man growing up in Iowa, who comes to discover his parents were huge porn stars back in the 70s. He then leaves his town and heads to Hollywood, hoping that he can too become an adult movie star, the largest in the world as a matter of fact. Christina Ricci, who seems like she has done porn movies herself, plays as the innocent Iowan girlfriend. The most interesting thing about this movie is that it is actually being produced by an adult video company, however, it isn't an porn film exactly, but it's about the industry. It is being purchased by Sony and distributed by them as well. By the way, don't you think Adam Sandler always has hot chicks in his movie? Share
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