7 Apr 2009
Jennifer Garner To Play A Butter Sculptor?
That's right... Jennifer Garner has just signed on to Butter to play - what else? - a champion butter-carver. The bizarre premise comes from first-time screenwriter Jason Micallef, whose original comedy script won him both a coveted Nicholl Fellowship and the third spot on the 2008 Black List - an unofficial list of the best scripts in Hollywood. The story is described as a "political satire set in the small-town world of competitive butter-sculpting" and follows a young orphan who, after being adopted by a Midwestern family, discovers she has an "uncanny talent for butter-carving." When the town's annual competition gets underway, the young girl finds herself up against the ultra-competitive wife of the retired reigning champion (presumably Garner). For all you kids complaining that Hollywood's churning out too many remakes these days, how's that for an original idea? Share
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