7 Apr 2009
Stallone To Add Brazilian Fighters Into The Expendables
The movie "The Expendables" is becoming filled with more and more action packed stars ever week. Sylvester Stallone has now added a couple of mixed martial artists into the movie, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, who are twin brothers, and better known in the MMA world as The Nogueira Brothers. Sly has also put a lot of interest into the undefeated Lyoto "Dragon" Machida, who is known for his very awkward style of fighting (Karate) in the UFC. Lyoto is the read deal, and could probably wipe out the entire cast by himself. This movie is going to have so many big names in it, and filled with so much action, that there is absolutely no way this will not be a hit. You saw it here first, Yes, I'm calling this one! Do you think it will succeed? Share
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