8 Apr 2009
Al Pacino To Play Napoleon Bonaparte
It looks like Al Pacino has finally figured out that he hasn't produced any good movies lately, and he was looking for a role for anything, from King Lear, To King Herod, but finally landed on Napoleon Bonaparte in the movie "Betsy And The Emperor" Pacino will be playing as Napoleon in the adaptation of the childrens' book written by Stanton Rabin. The book is about a 14yr old girl who plays host to Napoleon while he is on exile at St. Helena after his capture at Waterloo. Apparently this is based on a true story, because there really was a Betsy, Betsy Holcombe, and she really did play host to Napoleon back when he was captured. This could be the perfect role for Pacino, because Napoleon isn't really the kind of guy you would want hanging out with kids, and neither is Pacino. The man was Tony Montana for crying out loud! Share
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