8 Apr 2009
Gary Oldman Joining Iron Man 2 Cast
Ready for more Iron Man 2 news? I thought so. IESB is reporting that the current Commissioner Gordon himself, Gary Oldman, is headed across the aisle for a role in the big-budget Marvel sequel. Little is known about which character Oldman will be playing in Iron Man 2, but he was reportedly spotted on the Los Angeles set yesterday. IESB is saying that Gary might be playing Tony Stark's father Howard, a role previously rumored to be going to Tim Robbins. But the site admits that the part "is also rumored to be the one filled by Mad Men's John Slattery..." Expect a confirmation soon and whatever it is, for it to be a relatively small role - Oldman's currently in the middle of shooting the Denzel Washington post-apocalyptic thriller Book of Eli as the film's main villain.

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