8 Apr 2009
MPAA Sticks Year One With R-Rating
Despite hearing pleas from producer Judd Apatow and writer/director Harold Ramis on Tuesday, the MPAA's Ratings Appeals board upheld their R-rating for the biblical comedy Year One. The movie stars Jack Black and Michael Cera as a couple of lazy hunter-gathers who travel through the ancient world. Because of "some sexual content and language," Ramis will be forced to either re-edit Year One before its June 19th release date or forge ahead with the R-rating. And despite the success of Apatow-produced R-rated comedies in the past, PG-13 films almost always do better at the box office - so expect a new theatrical cut and an Unrated DVD. With low audience awareness so far, Year One looks like it could use all the help it can get. Share
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