9 Apr 2009
Sony Pictures Releasing Barrack Obama Documentary
Odds are people will keep being fascinated by Barack Obama for at least the next four years, and yeah, probably for the next 50. But it's still best to cash in on Obamania while it's relatively fresh, and Sony is doing just that, making plans to release the Edward Norton-produced documentary By the People: The Election of Barack Obama. The film sounds like it has the potential to be a fascinating document of a campaign, like the Clinton campaign doc The War Room, but with the added bonus of capturing a genuine cultural movement. Variety writes that the film follows Obama from the moment he announced his campaign to his inauguration, and features plenty of exclusive footage. It sounds like a movie that, in normal circumstances, might appeal to political junkies and movie fiends with a particular government bent. But given that this is a world in which Barack Obama's face has been emblazoned on commemorative plates and bedazzled on the back of jackets, Sony might have a goldmine on their hands. Share
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