9 Apr 2009
Kyle Gallner Headed To Elm Street
Haunting in Connecticut star Kyle Gallner will be joining Jackie Earl Haley in Platinum Dunes' Nightmare on Elm Street reboot, according to Variety. He'll play Quentin, one of the teen leads in the film, but we'd bet good money he doesn't make it to the final frame against Haley's Freddy. Gallner will also be seen in the upcoming horror comedy Jennifer's Body opposite Megan Fox and played a young Flash in the teen Superman series "Smallville". Samuel Bayer will direct for Platinum, who's mainly known as a music video director. It'll be interesting to see how Platinum's latest horror reboot turns out - will it be a hit like this year's Friday the 13th, or are audiences not interested in a new Freddy just yet? Share
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