10 Apr 2009
Michael Mann's Public Enemies Has A New Trailer Too
You know, it's weird - as sure as I am that I'm going to see Michael Mann's John Dillinger thriller Public Enemies, I've hardly been able to make it through either of the movie's two trailers so far. I hope that's more of a reflection on whoever made them than the movie itself... This new one's actually better than the first, which I had to switch off halfway through due to boredom, but it's still not great. And with Johnny Depp and Christian Bale starring, that's somewhat alarming. Watch it below and see what you think. Set during the Depression-era's great crime wave, Public Enemies tells the story of the government's attempt to stop legendary criminals John Dillinger (Depp), Baby Face Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd. This operation transformed the FBI into the first federal police force from the powerless agency it once was. It arrives in theaters July 1st.

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