13 Apr 2009
Jonny Quest Gets Zac Efron... And A Name Change?
The LA Times is confirming that the rumors are true - Disney star Zac Efron has indeed landed the lead role in Warner Bros' live-action Jonny Quest adaptation. Along with his SNL appearance last weekend and the upcoming 17 Again, Efron hopes the role will help distance him from High School Musical as he aims to go mainstream. Efron will likely be joined in Quest by Dwayne Johnson who would play Race Bannon. Of course, casting the 21-year-old Efron means significantly aging up the 11-year-old Jonny, but I don't really have a problem with that. If anything, it's somewhat of a necessary change. The real problem is, after their Speed Racer debacle, the WB is eying another major change - jettisoning the Jonny Quest name, which seems kind of counterintuitive to the point of adapting branded products in the first place... Either way, what do you guys think? Are you interested in a Jonny Quest movie with or without Zac Efron? Let us hear it in the Comment section. Share
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