13 Apr 2009
Fast And Furious Part 5 Confirmed!
Well that didn't take long, and why should it? Did you see the numbers this movie produced in the first weekend of its release? Oh about 75 million opening weekend, IN THE MONTH OF APRIL!!! Paul Walker commented, "This was suppose to be it, there weren't going to be more, but the fans want it, so let's do it". When asked how he ended up signing on for Fast & Furious, Walker basically said he owed it to the fans. "Vin didn't do the second one, and fans would always ask me, 'Why didn't Vin do the second one?' I didn't really have an answer for them," he said. "And then I didn't do the third one. And guys would come up to me on the street and be like, 'Hey, why weren't you in the third one?' And when they ask the question, it's kinda like they got that look…saying, 'Don't tell us you're too good for us now.' "When they started talking about making the fourth one, I was like, man, I don't really have a choice now, because if I don't do it I know I'm gonna be pissing people off, because this is the opportunity to come back and make the first true sequel." Valentine suggested the producers follow up The Fast and the Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and Fast & Furious with "Fast and Furious: Car Pool Lane." Do you think this Fast and Furious will top the last? Share
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