Zero Bridge (2009)
The trailer for Treasure Raiders. Michael is an American history professor currently teaching in Russia. He has a deep secret; between the dark of night and the first light of day he races his Porsche though the dimly lit streets of Moscow, fulfilling his need for speed and danger. It is the ultimate test of his driving skills and courage as he takes on the best street racers in the world. Michael also has a passion for treasure hunting and the money he wins racing through the streets finances his quests. Michael stumbles upon information that leads him to his most dangerous raid yet…an ancient treasure that once belonged to the legendary Order of the Temple. Teaming up with his racing nemesis Wolf and famous historian Pierre, the group sets off on a dangerous mission to uncover the treasure. Things grow complicated when Wolf’s girlfriend Lena is kidnapped and all the while the chief of the Moscow Police is determined to arrest Wolf for illegal street racing. Pierre and Michael search for the treasure while Wolf is forced to rescue Lena and win the most dangerous race to ever take place in Moscow. If Wolf succeeds in his rescue and race, only then can he reveal the dark secret of the Order of the Temple. The deadly twists and turns through the streets of Moscow find the trio in the ultimate race for their lives.