A Christmas Tale (2008)
Junon and Abel are the parents of three grown children: Elizabeth, a melancholic playwright with a mathematician husband and a tortured teenage son, Paul; Henri, the self-destructive black sheep, banished from family events by Elizabeth five years prior; youngest Ivan, the peacemaker, is married to the beautiful Sylvia and has two eccentric little boys; while a fourth--Joseph, the eldest--died from leukemia as a boy. When the disease reappears again in the family, all are tested to see who can be a donor, and then everyone--including lovesick cousin Simon and Henri's girlfriend, Faunia--return home for a long Christmas weekend. All crowded again under the same roof, solidarity quickly--and hilariously--devolves into feuding, drunkenness and bed-hopping, as everyone struggles to make sense of the mysteries of family, life, and what lies ahead.