Michael O'Toole has a good friend Victor. Victor and Michael come from very different places in life, however the two bond strongly. The two friends decide to take a trip to Europe.Upon arriving in Belgium Michael and Victor meet up with a street kid SKULL. Skull sends them back to their hotel room with some chronic against Michael's better wishes. The twofriends bring up a hooker named Bella. Bella takes them on a strange ride leaving them stoned and boned in a hotel room. When the two friendswake up a group of thugs break down the hotel door kidnapping Victor.Solano used to be a rich aristorcrat, doesn't want to loose his old life style and will do anything to keep it and that includes resulting to a gangster life style and he has his eyes on Michael O'Toole, a new rich boy with some cash. This sends Michael on a wild goose chase trying to find his friend after receiving a letter: if he goes to cops,Victor dies. Michael has to make a decision, he does. He goes back to his old self: a Marine with great self defense and operation tactics. They include chasing some very dangerous criminals down and taking his anger out on them until he gets everyone of them to their knees and finds his friend. However his friend Victor has a strange surprise for him.