When David Thunder (Damian Chapa - Blood In Blood Out, El Padrino, US SEALS 2, Money Talks) was a child. his Native American grandmother assured him the serpents in his dreams could be cast out by the Great Spirit. David grows up to become a blue collar worker. Out one night, he falls in love with aristocrat Julieta Asher (Natasha Blasick). David doesn't realize Julieta belongs to a generational Satanic family. David falls for her deep spiritual darkness. Julieta tries everything, sexually and within her witchcraft powers, to bring David to the side of the wicked. Under her spell David battles through his dreams, the streets of Europe, and the family henchman before he realizes she is the victim of a sinister form of brainwashing. When David learns Julieta is pregnant with his daughter Petra, he battles every demon and dark force on the planet to save his child's live. You'll be on the edge of your seat as this psychological thriller takes you on a wild ride through the dark realms of the one man's nightmare.