The South: the final frontier. These are the pursuits of the Trawicks, Their lifelong mission To recover imbecilic fugitives, To win glory upon the battlefields of peewee football, To boldly go where no skiptracer has gone before. And maybe to get laid or something, too. Like their home state of Alabama, the Trawicks are slam - full of oddities, idiocy, contradictions, traditions, and rednecks. JD is a color-blind desperado who enjoys the company of geriatrics and harbors dreams of something more…like bombing shit. His brother Tucker has a large penis and enjoys fighting, doing whip-its, and failing out of Lurleen B. Wallace Community College. He harbors dreams of fighting, doing whip-its, and banging Lurleen B. Wallace. Big Donald is their father, a redneck Magnum P.I., who probably abused JD and Tucker when they were too little to kick his ass, but in a funny way. Nanny is the matriarch, a schizophrenic former bootlegger and rumrunner turned born-again Christian who is an angel on the ground but a demon behind the wheel. Together - but often at odds with one another - they turn the South upside-down in their pursuit of bail-jumping misfits, such as Rusty McAndrews, a diabetic and diabolical welder with a penchant for dangerous women and crack. But skiptracing is the business that pays the bills while they engage in their real passion: coaching their dynastic peewee football team, the Bombers, to Pop Warner Valhalla. In pursuit of McAndrews and the city championship, JD and company are opposed by the dastardly Cletus Yoates and his henchman Bart, who will stop at nothing to destroy the Trawick family, business, and football legacy. Along the way, the Trawicks discover the hidden and absurd underbelly of the South - and punch it.