Sohrab, a 48 year-old man, the head of the workers of the Isfahan Foundry, have just had his fourth daughter. He has a strong desire to have a son, but his wife can not have another pregnancy for health reasons. So she forces her husband to go to do a vasectomy, which will definitely makes him infertile. But his late father appears to him in a dream and forbids him to do this operation. Then begins a period of doubt for Sohrab. He succeeds neither to change the opinion of his wife, nor his father’s idea in his dream. His father makes him visit the hell to show him the punishments of those who have become infertile. The Mullah who has a good influence on the foundry, despite his personal opinion about this operation, gives an unfavourable judgment in public. Sohrab’s fellow workers decide not to talk to him anymore. He is almost hated by the community of workers. Sohrab runs away and returns to the doctor's office. Once the operation is concluded, the doctor tells him a surprising secret.