Leon Bronstein is not your average Montreal West high school student. For one thing, none of his peers can claim to be the reincarnation of early 20th century Soviet iconoclast and Red Army hero, Leon Trotsky. When his father sends Leon to public school as punishment for starting a hunger strike at Dada’s clothing factory, Leon quickly lends new meaning to the term “student union”, determined as he is to live out his pre-ordained destiny to the fullest.But will our young hero ever inspire his fellow students to care about anything? Will he ever convince the beautiful, and significantly older, Alexandra that she won’t be charged with statutory rape if they become engaged? And will he ever find his Lenin? Every life is full of obstacles, whether it’s yours, or Leon Trotsky’s. All we can say is that The Trotsky lays leftie claim to the notion that the revolution DOES begin in high school.