American Roommates (2009)
Ray, Steve, Benny and Jim are behind on rent and when irate Mr. Goss evicts them, it only adds to the trouble that is is store. Ray soon meets Stacy and her child Brandon who live across the street with her abusive fiance' Mark. With Stacy now on Ray's mind he and Steve go camping . Their trip is cut short by a family of hillbillies who want the fishing all to themselves and chase them away. Ray's fondness for Stacy and Brandon grows and when Mark finally hurts her, he decides to protect them by letting them stay with him. More trouble comes for the guys when two nosey neighbors who have been spying on the house decide to call the FBI. When Mark is questioned by the authorities, he says that the guys have kidnapped his wife and son.What happens if the FBI raids? How will they escape? What will become of the makeshift pool table and the refrigerator hot tub that the guys have built? It's a mixture of fun and crazy situations that will have everyone laughing!