Breathless (2009)
The directorial debut of South Korean actor Yang Ik-June, is a foul-mouthed drama that delivers an unlikely mix of pathos, brutality and humor. Yang Ik-June plays a gangster named Sang-Hoon Kim. Sang-Hoon is a loose cannon who spends most of his time cracking heads, cursing people and smoking cigarettes. On the surface, Sang-Hoon shows little love for anybody or anything. His tough exterior cracks a little when he is around his little nephew, but his way of showing he cares involves slapping the boy around and calling him a bastard and an idiot. Sang-Hoon eventually meets Yeon-hee Han (Kot-bi Kim), a high-school girl with a dirty mouth and a fearless attitude. The pair quickly develop a dysfunctional relationship, and as the film progresses, it becomes apparent that they are linked in ways that neither of them realize.