Maggie (Angela Sarafyan) is a teenage runaway fleeing her family; David (Jesse Garcia) is a teenage illegal immigrant in search of his. When their paths cross, both are alone in the City of Angels; a place where some come to dream and others to hide. Soon the two form unlikely alliances with a Chinese stripper named Esther (Bai Ling) and Susan (Debi Mazar), a local librarian.But when Maggie seeks out her mother's (Dana Delany) help, the truth catches up to her and she has to decide to either face her past or keep running."A Beautiful Life" reminds us that each life is not just the singular story of one person. Rather, it is the story of all the lives that intersect with and enrich it.Based on the award-winning play, Jersey City, by Wendy Hammond and a screenplay co-written by Hammond and Deborah Calla, A Beautiful Life is directed by Alejandro Chomski, who made his Cannes debut in 2003 with his Argentine film, Hoy y Manana. The cast features burgeoning stars Jesse Garcia (Quinceanera, Days of Wrath) and Angela Sarafyan (The Informers, Kabluey), who are joined by veteran actresses Bai Ling (Love Ranch, The Crow), Dana Delaney (Desperate Housewives, Multiple Sarcasms), and Debi Mazar (Entourage, The Women)."A Beautiful Life" is directed by Alejandro Chomski and co-written by Wendy Hammond and Deborah Calla, based on Hammond's award-winning play, Jersey City. The film stars Jesse Garcia, Angela Sarafyan, Bai Ling, Dana Delaney, and Debi Mazar. The Director of Photography is Nancy Schreiber and the film is produced by Deborah Calla and Nesim Hason. The executive producers are Bob Holof, Sezin Hason, Serap Acuner, Lusi Filiba, and Izak Filiba. This film is unrated and the running time is 81 minutes.