Verso (2009)
Following his divorce, Alex Decker, a seasoned member of the Geneva SWAT brigade, is mainly concerned with regaining his teenage daughter's affection when Victor, his former partner and best friend, who Decker had been forced to put behind bars a dozen years earlier for the brutal murder of a young prostitute, re-appears into his life.The two men, united from childhood by a common trauma, settle for a fragile truce but when Victor, now working for the local mob, begins dating Decker’s ex-wife, the policeman’s instincts get the better of him. Wary of his ex-partner’s desire for revenge, Decker will try to put his old friend back in jail, heedless of the dangers to which he is exposing both his career and his enemy’s life. Decker, who has been seeking his whole life a chance to commit the one act of true heroism that will redeem him from his young brother’s accidental death, is now obsessed with the mission of rescuing his daughter, from a danger only he foresees. The young girl thus becomes a wager in the conflict between two men who are selfishly unaware of her own struggle to find her place in a cynical society where parents no longer speak and where her generation’s ever increasing temptations try to lure her from every side. In the end however, Decker will eventually discover that the conclusion of his conflict with Victor will force him to look deep into his soul, in order to see beyond the surface and find that his enemy may not be he whom he fears.