Savage (2009)
Finding himself the victim of an attack on the wrong side of the tracks of a crime-ridden city, Paul Graynor, (Darren Healy, Once, Layercake) a press photographer who works exploiting the tabloid news, finds himself the focus of it. He tries to come to terms with his attack, though the scars - both psychological and physical -- prove impossible to heal.Paul tries to reach out to friends and support groups but finds that he is only a shell of the man he once was and his life begins to fall apart, leaving him to spiral into madness. Finally he can focus on only one thing, finding the criminal who turned his life into this horrid mess and so begins his journey to the dark side of his soul where he finds only his savage instincts.Unable to come to terms and tormented by fear, Paul changes from a helpless victim to an aggressor obsessed with revenge.