Night Train (2009)
It's Christmas Eve. A nearly empty passenger train plunges into the heart of a blizzard. The lives of three people--a conductor, a med student and a salesman--clash when an eccentric passenger dies of a pill overdose and leaves behind a mysterious wooden box. When the trio peer inside the box, they see a fortune beyond their imagination. They do not realize, however, that the box possesses a corrupting, supernatural power. Their audacious plan to share the box's fortune by dumping the dead body from the train spins out of control. The quest for riches becomes a brutal battle for survival. Other passengers on the train turn into threats and obstacles. Death and mayhem ensue. Furthermore, the box's promise of fortune is only an illusion. It's real mission is to feed off human greed and weakness, and it won't be satisfied until everyone on the train is corrupted or dead--or both.