Kingdom Come (2001)
The best and the worst of the Slocumb family is on display when Woodrow "Bud" Slocumb keels over from a stroke. As the town swelters in the summer heat, family tensions reach a comedic boil as the Slocumb clan comes together to remember their dearly departed. The long-suffering Charisse is sick of her bumbling, unfaithful husband Junior. The scripture-spouting Marguerite prays to save her hard-living son Royce whose chief ambition is a life on welfare. Family peacekeeper Lucille has her hands full with a money hungry funeral director, and her husband, Ray Bud, who would rather bury his family than his father. As the Slocumbs squabble and fight their way to the funeral, they discover new ways to define the term 'dysfunctional.' When Reverend Hooker threatens to derail the burial period with a bad case of intestinal trouble; Ray Bud finds that "Daddy Bud" has a valuable lesson to teach them all before they lower him into the ground.