Ten Inch Hero (2007)
Piper moves to Santa Cruz to go to the Institute of Art. When she was 15 she gave birth to a daughter, but she had to put her out for adoption because she was so young. Then she sees an article of a girl she thinks is her daughter, who lives in Santa Cruz and applies for a job in a sandwich bar. When she starts working she gets to know the staff. Tish is a babe, she tries to seduce every guy who comes into the bar, and she goes home with those who flirt back. Then there's Jen, a computer nerd who has a love affair online with a guy who calls himself fuzzy22. She's not as pretty as Tish and she struggles with her own self-confidence. And of course there's this crazy haired guy called Priestly, he's no like other guys and dresses different then everyone because he refuses to be another clone. Her boss is a really nice guy called Trucker, whose in love with the woman who own the store across the street. We get to go through everyone's personal struggles as they help each other through it.