Girl with No Number (2010)
In Vietnam, Phuong Ly - the young, beautiful daughter of an impoverished fruit vendor - is deeply in love, but when her boyfriend's wealthy mother engineers their break-up, Phuong Ly embarks on a journey beyond everything she has ever known. She travels to the former Saigon looking for work, so she can keep her family from drowning in debt. The sly proprietor of a marriage agency tries to recruit her for a foreign husband. While Phuong Ly resists at first, she then agrees to explore the possibility and ends up being tricked and coerced into a wedding with a seemingly compassionate American. She flies to the land of promise, expecting the best, but soon discovers that she has fallen into a trap. Being forced into slavery, violated by her cruel new husband and abused by his accomplice - his real wife - Phuong Ly's only ray of hope is the bond she forms with a special-needs child and together they search for a way out of their imprisoned lives.