Academy Award Nominee David Rasche (Burn After Reading, Flags of Our Fathers), Elisabeth Röhm (Law & Order, The Mentalist), and Academy Award Nominee Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, Heroes), star in this unique thriller about the deep devotion and repressed love that reunites a father and daughter following two decades of separation. After Tommy Sparrow is severely wounded in a covert CIA operation, he comes home to discover his wife with another man. Tommy’s rage and wounds frighten his seven-year-old daughter Josephine. When Tommy’s wife tells him to leave and never come home, Tommy disappears back into the CIA, employing his skills as a spy to covertly watch his only daughter grow up. Twenty-five years later, Tommy Sparrow finally comes in from the cold – to retirement. Josephine is battling her own destructive nature and the damage done by the disappearance of her father. Tommy carries his scars both inside and out – and while his cold war operations never seem far behind, Tommy’s journey home will surpass any mission he ran with the Agency – because reuniting with Josephine and becoming her father may cost him his life. The Spy and the Sparrow uncovers mysteries of the past in a thrilling and rare love story about the power of forgiveness.