Release Date: November 6, 2002
Copyright © 2002 Warner Bros. Pictures
Femme Fatale - International Trailer
Cool precision and venomous beauty entwine in the striking figure of Laure Ash, a woman who can only be expected to do the unexpected. A master of manipulation and guile, Laure plays a crucial role in a sultry jewel theft and then abruptly leaves her life of crime--and her bloodthirsty cohorts--behind her. In a surreal transformation, Laure refashions herself in the guise of a respectable married woman with a high profile political life and soon captures the attention of Nicolas, a soulful ex-paparazzo mesmerized by the elusive and enthralling adventuress. Attracted to the enigmatic Laure but serving an agenda of his own, Nicolas shatters her carefully crafted world with one shutter click of his seditious camera. Suddenly exposed to the world and vulnerable to her enemies, Laure is determined to use her considerable assets--and Nicolas' voyeuristic instincts--to reinvent her identitiy and once again escape her past. But as she ensnares Nicolas in her calculated seduction, Laure finds her quest for revenge complicated by their mutual attraction.
Genre: Thriller
Director: Brian De Palma
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